Mobile Hairdressing
in SW London


A premier hairstylist in South West London who, since 2007, has offered a wide range of clientele her bespoke services, and product recommendations, to achieve the elegant, fabulous look that only you know how much you deserve.


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She says

“Since I was a little girl I wanted to work in the beauty industry. I started hairdressing in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 2005 before moving to London.


I was privileged enough to run my own hair salon in Battersea, South West London, until, after having a baby, I realised there could be a real demand, and a desire, for a mobile hairdressing service that fit in around the schedules of busy clientele. This also gave me the ability to work more flexible hours while continuing to serve my loyal customers.

My bespoke mobile service is designed to suit you, the flexibility to book a visit at home or at work has proven popular with my clients, with busy family lives and professional commitments, it’s important to make a little time for you.

For me, the best moment is when I recognise my client's visible satisfaction, once the work has been done. That brings a lot of joy to me.

You will find all my services here on the website. So take a look and let me know if you have any questions.​ ”


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  • £56 to £76
  • Classic, fade haircut

    £36 - £56
  • Up to 12 years old

    £21 - £28

  • £36 - £76