7 Ways to Prevent Hair Breakages

Hair breakage is a real problem on its own but it can also cause a number of issues to arise. This can include growth issues and even frizz. Essentially, the cause of hair breakage is down to the shaft of the hair breaking, causing the strand to become shorter, which is no good if you’re someone who has gorgeous wavy hair.

Once hair breaks, the damage is done and there is nothing that can be done. So, in order to minimise the risk of breakage, it’s important to look at how you can prevent it from happening. So, here are 7 ways to prevent hair breakages.

The Importance of Moisture

When it comes to hair breakage, one of the main causes is dry, brittle hair. If you want to keep your hair healthy, then plenty of moisture will do the trick. This will require you to use a deep conditioner and you will need to use a leave-in conditioner too. Furthermore, to ensure you retain moisture, you should use oil as this will help to slow down the loss of moisture.

Turn to a Protein Treatment

Often, the shaft of the hair can weaken and that can cause hair breakage. Commonly, this is caused by chemicals such as those associated with hair dye or you might have high porosity hair.

The hair cuticle consists of protein and that’s why a protein treatment can work. So, you need a protein treatment that contains hydrolyzed protein as that will help to strengthen your hair, enabling you to achieve curls for hair that really stand out.

Be Patient and Thorough When Detangling

When your hair is wet, you should avoid brushing your hair with a standard brush. In fact, you should avoid it with dry hair. To keep your hair looking its best you should use a wet brush or a Denman brush.

When hair is wet, detangling becomes easier although there is a higher risk of breakage. You should coat your hair in a product that adds slip to the hair such as a specialist detangling conditioner. When you do encounter tangles, it’s important to take your time. Don’t force the knots out as if you do, it will lead to breakage.

Use Heat Protectant On Your Hair

Heat styling is something that many people stay away from while others will use the hairdryer religiously. Regularly exposing your hair to heat can lead to breakage which is why you should use a heat protectant on your hair. So, prior to using a hairdryer, let it dry naturally slightly as this will also help to reduce the damage that heat causes.

Take Your Time with Up-Dos

While you might look and feel great with your up-do, it’s important to remember that they will place tension and strain on your hair strands. This can cause hair loss and breakages so, if you’re someone who wears their hair up regularly, give it some freedom and wear it down.

Have Frequent Haircuts

Regular cuts will help to remove split ends. If you leave split ends, then they will eventually move up the individual hair strand and cause breakage. Regular haircuts might be out of the question because of the cost, but you can take care of your ends at home should you wish to.

Take Care of Your Health

Hair breakage can also be caused by stress while a lack of minerals and vitamins can also lead to weak hair. So, you should consume a balanced diet to ensure you get vitamins and minerals such as folic acid, zinc and iron. Furthermore, you should also do everything possible to minimise stress.

So, you might have been suffering from hair breakage for some time but with the right approach and care, you can ensure your hair remains as healthy as possible, leaving it looking its best.

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